Why we’re putting Polymath Trader on hold and focusing on one thing.

It pains me to do this, but I’m putting the site/subscription service on hold to focus on other things. You see there’s one common trait among successful Polymaths: focus.

FOCUS on ONE thing at a time. If you’re not doing that you’ve already lost. That’s how all the amazing people throughout history were able to accomplish so much in their lifetimes. I strongly believe they were inspired.

Without these two ingredients: single-minded focus and inspiration, trying to accomplish anything of substance is a fool’s errand.

Do you really think Leonardo DaVinci worked on three projects at once? No. He dedicated his full energy to one task at a time until it was either complete or required something only obtainable in the distant future:


Amazing! List of Leonardo DaVinci’s Inventions

So, without further ado, I’ll make my way to the exit… Regrettably, I am unable to dedicate 110% toward this venture. Perhaps I’ll check in every now and then to throw you an idea.

Until next time.