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Spirit Tongue: At just $20.98 for the first month, a new world of freedom will be available to you. With the addition of an experienced trader in your arsenal, you will be able to do things you’ve never dreamed of, while freeing up your time.

So what do you get?

Thorough Research and Accountability: Where most services throw darts or spend less than an hour in preparation of a trade, we spend a minimum of ten hours researching each trade. Not only will our pick be run through multiple aglorithms, backtests, and put under a discerning microscope, but we will issue a 100% refund if we close it at a loss.

All trades will be posted on our website and will only be entered on the site portfolio after the alerts go out. Other information that will be given: recommended stop loss from entry (%), profit target (%) per position size (varies, but usually 60/40 or 80/20 depending on the trade). Almost all trades besides the rare exception will last under a month, on average 6 1/2 days. All (partial) exits (profit or loss) will be alerted as well.

High accuracy rate: In the past, if you had been in my personal circle, you may have seen a success rate above 85%. It is through being patient, and only acting when the circumstances heavily favor us, that produces great trades.

One trade a month: We believe in quality over quantity. Where other services emphasize quick profits, we believe amazing opportunity is given for those who work hard and are in the right place at the right time.

***Special Offer: For just $15.98 (does not renew), you’ll receive our alerts for the month of August and be able to lock in our preferential rate after that of $41.96 for LIFE. You heard it, for LIFE; you can cancel to avoid being charged by the first of the next month and come back whenever you want. Hurry, because this offer expires on July 31st at midnight (PST)!

“Service placed on hold (see newest blog post).”